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My Training

I am trained by

www.sadhanamala. com.


I am fully insured and regularly attend additional training courses. 

I am a member of the association of yoga studies (aYs).


I am not fit or flexible!  Does it matter?

This form of yoga is suitable for everyone whatever your age or ability. I can adapt postures to suit your needs. The postures are done with control and in time with your own breath. There is no jumping or sweaty towels involoved! 

Because it is a traditional form of yoga we do learn some philosophy and occasionally there will be some chanting. This is a small part of the class and it is not essential to join in.

Contact me now
to try a one off class for £10

Where does the name -nowdoyoga come from?


In this tradition we study a text called the 'Yoga Sutras' . It is a very important text which we do study during the classes. The first words in the text are 'atha yoga nusasanam' which literally mean " NOW - do yoga', and so the name seemed appropriate!  It is a call to action, telling us that we must DO something in order to change. Stopping the constant activity in our minds is the goal of yoga and taking a little time for yourself each week is a great way to start. 

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